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nice job B

good work and now i have to start on the 2nd one, ganna be like mid way next yea before it comes out, also i also agree with Kev it was laggy and also you went way overbard with detail... however in the end you have done this and now you ar free till part 2 is done and that not going to be any time soon...

Brown-Acid responds:

I like detail.....have fun being a prisoner to animation alkie.....io hope that was it.cos .im gunna pass out


cool... now we all know that the lizard men are more awesome that the tomb king.... but anyways u should of said it was a colab with u can me man... o well look like i have to make one then...

Brown-Acid responds:

dont worryy yyyoouuu ddoonntt hhavee to make anythingzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

good.... however.

Shaodw of the colossus was a good game and i want to see more games like it... but where not talking about the game we are talking about this animation... Also let me if i am wrong, but did he have the hitman pose (not a big fan of the game but i did watch the movie all i have to say nice movie)?

The Good:
It was well made and the animation was easy on the eyes
Good sound/music..
Chose a good game to base it on
The slow-mo was awesome (pow right in the kisser)

The Bad:
It was very dark and made it hard to see (i did see and read the note)
The guns came out of nowhere (ie he had a shot gun on his back then two AK-47's (it just a gess they are AK-47's))
It was not too epic with guns (it much more awesome with sowrd and bow)
Also a shot-gun to the head or eye would make him lose that big eye of his.

However dont get me wrong i like this animation it was awesome...
so in the end i give it a 9 out of 10
and a 4 out of 5....

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i love Ego city and i love this game.... IT WAS AWESOME to see the core attack and that was AWESOME TO THE MAX.... the best RPG game i played..... NICE!!!!!

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